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Visual & Performing Arts

Visual Arts Visual and performing arts students have several types of colleges to consider. Conservatories and stand-alone arts schools offer an immersion-type experience for students earning BFA degrees. Some larger universities offer BFA degrees as well as BA degrees in the arts. You may find somewhat self-contained music or arts schools within the larger university.

In addition to completing a typical college application, more selective programs require a portfolio or audition for admittance, although each arts program has different requirements. Although your portfolio or audition is an important part of the application, arts programs do consider your academic record and test scores.

Campus Summer Programs

Campus Summer Programs Summer programs abound for motivated learners to spend a few weeks exploring possible career interests, diving deeper into academic passions, or challenging themselves by learning a new skill. Enrichment programs are offered on college campuses in the arts, sciences, creative writing, and foreign language immersion. High-schoolers can try out dorm living and develop friendships with like-minded students as well.

Engineering Options

Engineering Options There are many types of engineering majors - Civil, Software, Mechanical, Aerospace, Chemical, Bioengineering, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Petroleum, Systems, Architectural, Biochemical, and Engineering Management. All are based in math and science. Engineers often work in teams and on the cutting edge of technology. If you love to solve problems and want to make things work better, you might consider an engineering major.

College Visits

College Visits Touring colleges can be one of the most important and interesting parts of the application process. Consider scheduling brief college visits in areas where your family is traveling. The tours might positively impact younger siblings as well. Check the college website for tour schedules and to make a reservation. Be sure to attend the Info Session as well, and take time to see inside your college major building.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science Environmental Science is a hot college major. It combines study in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, exploring the relationships between these areas to acquire a greater understanding of how our environment works as a whole. An environmental science degree can prepare students for a wide range of careers in industry, government, consulting, and education. Many labor market experts predict that environmental industries will be a major source of new jobs in the next decade.

Campus Fitness Center

Campus Fitness Center One popular addition to college campuses in recent years is the Campus Fitness/Recreation Center. Rather than just a traditional gym, these state-of-the-art facilities offer attractive space for all kinds of exercise and recreation including running, elliptical workouts, pilates, yoga, weight-training, and even climbing walls. These are a huge draw for students who are interested in maintaining health through active participation rather than just being a spectator at the football stadium.